Aleksander Palace

All russians Pushkin museum

Anna Akhmatova and his
An excellent, multi-lingual site to start your tour through the Russian Museums, Culture and Art!

The territory of the Middle Volga region has a unique massifs oflowlands、 which from the early antiquity were occupied by food-gathers、 hunters、 herdsmans and farmers. It is situated on theborders of East and West、 forests and steppes、 in the merge region of Kama and

Dyatkov Cut-Glass
Dyatkovo artistic glass and crystal is a real wonder. This glasshouse is in the Bryansk region of Russia. You'll find here the photos and a story about this kind of art. Page supported by the Bryansk regional administration.

Everything about Vladimir Vysotsky.
The most comprehensive Vladimir Vysotsky's page. The Official Site of V.Vysotsky Foundation.

Exebition of Soviet

Far 藺st Art Museum

Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS
Russian Academy of Sciences. Fersman mineral museum web site shows museum main collections and exhibits. Total 140000 item in museum, 10000 on display. On line excurtion trough exhibit available along with galeries of images

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Literary and
 English pagesRussian Pages (Windows-1251)

Home to the Czars
This is the central catalogue of museological informations and museums in Germany, maintained by Ralf Blank and supported by ICOM

Karelian State Museum of Regional
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Kareliya Museum of the

M.Guelman Gallery

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
Museum of Cosmonautics, Russia, Moscow. You can learn more about outer space exploration, look photos from archive on this site. Also you can visit the memorial home-museum of academician S.P.Korolev.

Moscow Kremlin
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Moscow Zoo
Moscow Zoo. Here you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information about animals, birds, fishes, amphibians, reptilians and herptiles. Furthermore, you can visit our virtual exhibitions.

Municipal Children Gallery "Polluks"

Museum - panorama "Borodino Battle"
Museum panorama Borodino Battle, Russia, Moscow. Museum-panorama Borodino battle" is a unique museum of Russia now whose exposition tells in detail about all the campaign of 1812. In this section you'll make the acquaintance of structure and composition of the Russian and French armies; you'll see some patterns of uniform and armament

Museum about history of

Museum and Society Centre " World,
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Museum of History of Moscow
Museum of History of Moscow, Russia, Moscow. The museum has in its disposal the unique collection which exposes the Moscow's history since ancient times to now. Archaeology collection, collection of imitative art's materials, fund of negatives and many other funds can be found on this site.

Museum of Musical Culture
Museum of Musical Culture, Russia, Moscow. On this site you can make the acquaintance of exceptionally valuable rarities such as written and printed music, musical instruments of various periods and peoples, memorial articles, and works of painting, sculpture and decorative and applied art.

Museum of Sailing-Ships

Museum Reserv "Kolomenskoye"

Museums of Nizhni

Nizhni Novgorod

Novosibirsk Regional Studies Museum
About the MuseumThe CollectionsVisitor InformationDepartmentsWeb ExhibitionsNew ExhibitionSiberian MuseumsPostBox

Old Radio Gallery

Omsk State Museum of History
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Omsk, Omsk Region and Siberia Museums

Outsider Art Museum
Outsider Art Museum. Russia. Moscow. The first in Russia Outsider Art Museum. On this site you can learn much more interesting about new invention, marginal art, visionary art, intuitive art, native art, art of insane. Collection of Humanitarian Centre.

Pereslavl-Zalessky [ In Russian:KOI8|CP1251(MS-Windows)|CP866(DOS)|ISO-8859-5|Mac]Pereslavl-Zalesskyis one of the ancient cities of central Russia.The town was founded in 1152 by prince Yury Dolgoruky.It is located halfway between Moscow and Yaroslavl、about 130 km North-East

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and

Project "1812 year"

Sergievo-Posadskiy State History-Art

site about the KIZHI STATE OPEN-AIR MUSEUMOF HISTORY、 ARCHITECTURE AND ETHNOGRAPHY. History、 architecture、 nature、 fonds、 excursion、celebrates

State Darwin Museum
Moscow Russia

State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg Russia -- Powered by IBM

State Hermitage Museum (official
St. Petersburg Russia -- Powered by IBM

State Historical and

State Historical and Memorial

State Historical and Memorial

State Historical-cultural
Site the State Historical-cultural Museum-preserve Moscow Kremlin ム琺・テB萵粢LB・頌閨E-・・B・・鈑-鈞・粢蓖韭・フB・糂・・ハ蛛E・

State Lermontov Museum-Preserv

State Museum and Reserv "Rostov Kremlin"

State Museum-Preserve "Pavlovsk"

State Russian Museum

The Bianky Museum of

The Bogoroditsk Palace-Museum and

The History of Moscow

The Museum-estate
The site dedicated to the Arkhangelskoye museum-estate、 one of the most brilliant treasures of Russian culture、 contains historical sketch of the estate、 gives you possibility to make walk round its alleys and pavilions in their best、 acquaints you with the way the museum lives now

The Saratov State Art

The State Museum "Tzarskoje Selo"

The State Museum and Reserv "Mikhaylovskoye"

The State Museum of Fine Arts named after
The excellent web site one of the famous Russian museum. You will enjoy the virtual exhibitions. Always updated information.

The State Museum of the History of

The State Museum of V.V.
The State Museum of V.V. Mayakovskii. Moscow、 Russia. Here you can find a lot of information about life and creation one of the most intricate Russian poets of that century. Also you can get an answer for the question: whom he was - the revolutionary or the leader of Russian futurists?

Tsarskoe Selo and

Tver State Union Museum

Virtual Exebition "Russian ombat

Virtual Museum of Russian
An excellent、 multi-lingual site to start your tour through the Russian Museums、 Culture and Art!

Vladimir and Suzdal Museum and Reserve

Wallpaper in the
  Wallpaper in the context of Russian Culture. Philadelphia、PA.The Poetry of the Russian Gateways、 Virtual exhibitionThe Cemetery Saint Genevieve du Bouis in Paris、 Virt

Zoo of Russia
All Russian Zoos Online. Here you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information about animals、 birds、 fishes、 amphibians、 reptilians and herptiles. Furthermore、 you can visit all Russian Zoos.

The State Hermitage Museum: Language Selection Page

A. A.

A. M. Gorkyi


Abramtzevo Training College
Abramtsevo Art-Industrial CollegeRussian versionAbramtsevo linksOur TeamLast UpdatesMihail M. FilippovPhotos by Alexei MerkurievLiza NevinnaiaElia YalonetskaiaIrina IvanovaElia Nevin

AGE Fine Arts

Aleksandr Khodakov

Alexander Popov:
BackALEXANDER POPOV: RUSSIA'S RADIO PIONEER byJames P. Rybak Each year on May 7、 the Soviet Union still celebrates "Radio Day" to commemorate the achievements of Alexand

Alexandr Gorbunov's Exhibition
Columbus OH online artgallery feature: Alexander Gorbunov


All Helicopters of the World

Alms-house of

Altai State Regional Studies
Pages of the Altai State Regional Studies Museum. ヤメチホノテル 睥ヤチハモヒマヌマ ヌマモユトチメモヤラナホホマヌマ ヒメチナラナドナモヒマヌマ ヘユレナム

About the Andrei Rubliov Museum.Pictures:St.John the Precursor.St.John the Precursor (face).The Dormition.The Veronica image. [Main] [Ftp] [Sun] [Java] [SunSITEs] [MSU] [DISCLAIMER] Accesses:24516 Last modified on:21:38 08/10/96 We welcome your questions、 sug

Andrew Khanov gallery "Stories of
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Andrey Tarcovsky


Antialcogol Poster Gallery
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bronze age abashevo timber-grave katacomb-grave iron age Scythian Sarmatian nomad medieval Slavonic 碣・鉋糺・粢・珮璧裘黶E 磅 ・焉E・ 趺・鈿 粢・頡・瑩瑣・・裘韭・裝D粢・糺・珞D

Architectural and


Art Gallery "20th

Art Gallery "Stalker"
Welcome to the art gallery 鉄TALKER・ We are showing the original works of contemporary Russian painters. At present our gallery icludes more then 100 works of seven Russian artists. You can get information about artist痴 personal and professional histories their working methods and art exhibition. New infomation and works are added regularly. Would you like to win our catalogues? "

Art Gallery of Novosibirsk
Home page of Novosibirsk State Art Gallery

Art Gallery of the
Art gallery Vladimir Zunuzin

Art Gallery of the Painter Vladimir Zunuzin
Painting, computer graphics. Sale of painting.

Art Gallery: works
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Art of Mikhail Vrubel
ArtofMIKHAILVRUBEL(1856-1910)MikhailVrubel.The Demon Seated. 1890. Oil on canvas. 114 x 211 cm.State Tretyakov Gallery、 Moscow.  BiographyPaintingsOther LinksComments、etc.Designed by IrinaKnyazeva & Alexey Koveshnikov.Copyright ©

Art-gallery of Valeriy Oktyabr
Valeriy Oktyabr works in the genre of landscape, portrain and composition. The main source of his creative activity is the nature of Altai. Following the vangquard trends and the style of new romanticismhe sees the Altai nature in a rather peculiar way, adding a cosmic sounding to his pictures.The original manner of painting attracts attention of many countrymen and connoisseurs of art from abroad.ョ遵─裾♀・・舶″歯沱 レ梛・武獄・書沺燕枕 淘ы伯負・。條・伏 ュ艶噫恕, 誌鵠普棊寉枕 捲 ヲ裾・ 繿ы伯負 償告桿・・麦件・糸・梍・ 詩署遵裾, 圏; 旧獄・歯怛・・栫梃満巡堅・捲誌栫喝剣囀. 濠撩劫 燕兜e汾″ ・・誌黒メ・・譜 詩氈圀・・誌撫剛・ヲ裾・

Leo Stepanov Installations




Baikal Fauna

Birch Bark Art from Siberia
Siberian birch bark art - you can place your orders

Boatanchors in Russia
Boatanchors in Russia. Old tube radiosets.


Bread Mseum of S.Peterburg

Bruno Pontecorv's Memorial Page
Home Page in memory ofoutstanding physicist Bruno Pontecorvo

Museum of joint - stock company Bryansk Engineering Works.

Center and Museum "V.S.Visotsky

Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
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Central Lenin
CENTRAL LENIN MUSEUMAfter the August 1991 coup the Central Lenin Museum simply closed down

Central Museum of Old

Central Museum of Railway

Central Naval Museum
Web-page has removed to:http://www.museum.navy.ru/index.htmWait、 please

Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery

Children's art school N 8

Chuvash State Art Museum
(c) Cheboksary、 1997 -->

City of Masters

Colours of the Earth. Internet

Computer Art Museum


Creative Museum by

Creativity and Life of GULAG. Museum

Creativity of the Unknown Authors

Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt

Culture and Art Oryol Region

D.V.Nefedov's Gallery of
D.V. Nefedov's antiques gallery

Design Studio ASK vernisage

Diamond fund of Russia

Disks Cover


Dmitry Aleshko Exhebition

Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum
Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum in S.Petersburg. History, monoliths collection, soil cards, video about soils, scientific work on the soil sience and ecology, funds of museum (soil monoliths, cards, photo, pictures, personal information and others), exposures and exhibitions.


Ecophoto wild nature photo
Museo Amedeo Lia - Museo Civico di Arte antica medievale e moderna - Home page

Electronic opening day Three Lines

Elena Uralov's
A brilliant idea of the museum! The worksare made with the pure talent , they are great and heartful...ODESSA.Dept of Culture.

Elezk Regional Studies Museum

Engelsk Regional




Exhibition of paintings
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F.M.Dostoevsky House and
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Family Museum

Famous Russian Paintings
Famous Russian Museum Paintings. A large collection of famous russian paintings...ホ碾頏 ・・裲 韈粢Z・・・・竟

Fine Art Museum of

Fine Arts Gallery

First Virtual Zoological
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From Impressionism
From Impressionism ToAvantgardewelcome to myFine Art Gallery[RUSSIAN]choose your language[ENGLISH]Send a message now to my ICQ-Pager Member of the Internet Link Exchange Free Home Pages at GeoCities

G.V.Chicherin House and

Gallery "LIK"
J. FjeodorovaE. GlyzA. ZakalskiyV. Mosin

Gallery "The
BralginYuriEgorovichThe deserved artist of Russia(Biysk town)(only Russian)VelichkoRomanValerjevichThe artist(Biysk to

Gallery of a children's figure "
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Gallery of Gavrilyukov N.N.
watercolor) brutal design.

Gallery of Igor Koloskov

Gallery of V.G.Nikonov

Gallery of Vinnichiny Sights

Gallery Ship On Chain
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Gallety of Novgorod the Great

Gatchina Ensemble of Palaces and
Gatchina Royal - Palace. div align="CEN

Gatchina Palace
History| Rooms| Tours| Palaces| Jewels| Ikons| Pallasart Web Design

Golden Ring of Russia

Grafika of A.Andreev Exhibition


Guide to Mamayev
  The memorial complex "Mamayev Kurgan" was built in honour of victory over German forces in World War II. It was opened on October 15th、 1967. 9.Symbolic figure of the Motherland 8.The Square of Sorrow 7.The Hall of Valour 6.Entrance to th

Harley-Davidson motorcycle history design biker Harley

Hieroglyph - Gallery of Visual Art
description of the Industrial Monument Salt Works of Lueneburg

Histirocal Museum of Vax
We have moved! Our new URL iswww.transconamuseum.mb.caPlease click on the image below to go to our new location.

Historical and
Galer} Virtual La finalidad del arte es dar cuerpo a la esencia secreta de las cosas、 no el copiar su apariencia. All・es donde reside su aut駭tica realidad、 no en su aspecto externo. ARISTOTELESProducido porComBios

Historical Monuments of Pskov
museum in progress

History of Mogilev
LE SEZIONI DEL MUSEOLaboratorio di MatematicaLa fabbrica del corpo umanoMuseo anatomicoStrumenti scientifici e di misuraVISITE VIRTUALITheatrum MachinarumLa Bona Opinione  :

History of Moscow
LandesmuseumGutenberg MuseumNaturhistorisches MuseumRömisch-Germanisches ZentralmuseumMuseum für Antike SchifffahrtDom- und DiözesanmuseumKupferberg-MuseumStadtarchiv  

History of the battleships
Homepage der Virtual Library Museen

Horse Keeping Museum
DINO-Online - das Suchsystem fuer das deutschsprachige Internet. Grosser Webkatalog zu allen Themengebieten, Suchmaschinen, Web-Highlights. Immer aktuell!

House and

House and

House and

Ian Shestovsky Painting

Russian version of this siteResume The Project was supported byOpen Society Institute(Soros foundation) Grant N PCD 847ソ Content - Ludmila B. Sukina e-mail:lucie@u-pereslavl.botik.ru ソ Webmaster - Galina V. Guzilova e-mail:galya@uchcom.bo

Igor Bourdonov`s Worlds


International Children's
International Children's Internet-Gallery

Internet inc.


Irkutsk Museum

Irkutsk State

Izabelles Bindler Watercolors
Izabelle Bindler Watercolors Gallery



Kemerovo Oblast Fine Arts Museum

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Kharkov Art
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Konstantin E.
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L.A.Kulaev Picture Exhibition
FORENGLISH READERS ・THIS WAY (Click)釿・蛛EN・nbsp;磔・ 鴣J・ ・・褶 ・ラ 睥ナヒモナナラノ゙08.02.1928-13.02.1997 メナトルトユンノハチハヤフナトユタンノハチハヤ    メナトモヤ

Lenin Mausoleum
Lenin Mausoleum");}srb="na";srw="na";//-->")}//-->


Library by Vladimir Visotskiy
Site contains more than 600 verses and song lyrics by Vladimir Vysotsky - great Russian poet, bard and actort

Major attractions of
TX. Little Russia in San Antonio、 TXLittle Russia has moved torussia-in-us.comPlease update your links

Medals, awards, souveniers and not

Shalyapin、 as Pushkin、 makes up an epoch in Russia





Military and Historical Club

Mishkin Folk Ethnographical
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Sorry the server temporarilyis suspended.It will be included within the limits of 48 hours.All free addresses and domains of the third level now is restored.All questions about hosting and paym

Modern Siberian Art Gallery

A Virtual Tour of theMonastery on SolovkiI am told that this is the first web page in the Western Hemisphere devoted to tragic and incomparable Solovki Islands.This is a guided tour through my own personal photographs、 taken with a borrowed camera、 from a one-day visit to the Solovki Islands in

Moscow Association
information adout artistscollection of their ArtworksArt on the WebArtGallery in MoscowLET's GO...竟璋・ ・蒡跫韭瑾・・裲 珮・/font>ネ粽 ・褪霤琿褞・ ・フB・・(ヨトユ)Get Sponsored by Russian StoryYou are visitor:Who enjoy finearts-->window.op

Moscow colossus

Moscow Fire Guards
InterReklama Advertising Network"・琥蕘・・赳 - 肄・ 糂 跖鈿・ 粽鳫・・趾・ ・R 頌蛛E胛・粽・"ツ.タ.テ齏糂・・フB・糂・・赳・ F瓏(DE頽鞨・瓔G黶Eホ フB・・/a>|ホ碚 ・・/a>|ヘAB閖テ琿褞・|フ竟鞨・ ・I・胛フ|ヨタホ|ネA・|ム・

Moscow Museum and Art Gallery of
Russian Art Gallery. Socialist realism/ russian impressionism 1940-1970 for sale

Moscow planetarium
The Moscow Planetarium is a center of natural sciences popularization. It was established on November 05、 1929. The principal subject of the Planetarium's activity is to read public lectures and implement scientific and artistic programs in astronomy and cosmonautics、 to form scientific mentality on the basis of generalized achievements of the modern natural science. The Moscow Planetarium needs your h

Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum
 Moscow StateVadim Sidur MuseumOur preferred browser isMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.0         A HREF="Si

Murat Khalimov's Exhibition

Murom Historical and Art Museum

Murom Museums







Museum -

Museum and Estate
museum, Russia, culture, art

Museum archaeology of

Museum Classical and Modern Art

Museum of

Museum of

Museum of
The museum of Andrey Tarkovsky will be opened in the town of Yuryevets of Ivanovo region on November 29, 1996. The famous motion picture producer A.Tarkovsky was born in this place.The museum is located in the house where Tarkovsky and his mother lived in avacuation during the Great Patriotic war in 1941 - 1943.

Museum of a History of Development

Museum of a marine sea Fleet of
The Art Gallery of Peterborough is a non-profit public gallery dedicated to exhibiting and collecting visual works of art by artists from the immediate area

Museum of antique
Museum of antique automobiles and motorcyclesinMoscow.Pages on english:|***NEW!!!(22/12/2000)MuseumBook shop: unique books about antique autos and motorcycles!|Excursion in MoscowMuseum of antique autos andmotorcycles!|How help to MoscowMuseum of antique automobils andmotorcycles

Museum of Aviation and

Museum of Cat
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Museum of Federal

Museum of Fun

Museum of History,

Museum of hunt and
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Museum of INTEL

Museum of Moscow subway

Museum of Photo

Museum of radio by A.S.Popov

Museum of Russian
This page hosted byGet your own Free Home Pageトホフタリペ゚ ムメミタヘネヨタ ヒナユナミタMUSEUM OF RUSSIAN BEER'S LABELSン閨E黶E 礪 ・1981 胛萵. ツ 胛蕘 A 磊・ D 焉E・B・ M・・糂・韈・G・. ハ琥蕘・・G鈔C頸褄・焉E・・ M糺・鈔瑙・・・

Museum of Russian Fire Guards

Museum of scams and
Museum of swindle. You can learn many interesting about various swindle strategies. True stories about swindle with help of advertisment, hedge, bank-credits, presentations.

Museum of Submarines
aktuelle Wechselausstellungen

Museum of Typefaces
(TM) typomania -- typography, typefaces, design

Museum of World Ocean
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Museums of Karelia

Music CLub
Music club: authors, singers, groups, music life news, clips, songs, photoes



National Art

National Centre of Decorative and


Nesterov art museum and

Nicholas Roerich Museum
Nicholas Roerich Museum is an important center for the exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich, and makes available many reproductions of his art and numerous books about his life and work.

Nizhny Novgorod Museums

Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of


Old plate 78s - popular music

Our Town

Paintings of B.Shirobokov
Art of Russia: pictures gallery of artist Shirobokov. Exhibition contents paintings styled in abstractionism.

Palace in

Paleontological Museum named after

Photo Museum and

Photoalbums: Walk on centre of Moscow

Photos of

pictures gallery Paint in Petersburg

Plant of miniature arts "Fedoscino"

Polenovo Museum and
Design/programming: Internet inc.Copyright (c) 1999 Polenovo


Prehistoric Art
Virtual museum of prehistoric art. Collectionsof cave art、 skyth art. Siberian archaeology museum ツ頏琿・ ・鈑・・紆@M胛 頌・竅E ・褞・ 跖粽・、 頡D 頌・竅E ・鈑・瑩襞JB韋・B瑶閨Eハ褌褞AB・鞣褞頸褪

Primorskiy State
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Private Picture Gallery

Pskov Foto Mosaika

Pushchino Homestead

Republic of Karelia Museum


Resectio Ego
In nomine Patris、 et Filii、 et Spiritus Sancti- HA PYCCKOMMirrorsUSA 1: GeoCitiesUSA 2: dARTUSA 3: Virtual AvenueCanada: James Baird Gallery- best resolution !Russia: WOODART.NOV.RU       Dear Visitors!* In Decembe

Roerih Museum in Lipetsk


TheRussianEthnographicMuseumTel: (812) 219-11-74   /   (812) 219-16-76   Fax: (812) 315-85-02Hours:  10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.、 Tuesdaythrough Sunday、except the last Friday of every month.Special Exhibits:Treasures of St. Petersbur

Russian Aviation Museummoved tonew locationhttp://hep2.physics.arizona.edu/~savin/ram/Please、 have you bookmarks and hotlist entries updated!Sorry for inconvinience、Alexandre Savine

Inside theRussian Paleontological InstituteYou can enter the following halls in the PIN museum:


Russian Antuque Books and
Find out everything about antique and rare books commerce in Russia. Catalogues and price-lists of the auctions, lists of recent entries and classifieds. Some of the rare books on sale are described and displayed here.

Russian Architecture
This site is devoted to the history of Russian architecture as well as to modern design and construction projects. It is designed for architects, art-critics and those who are interested in Russian culture. Site sections: illustrated catalogues of monuments and new buildings; advertisements and reports about exhibitions, scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, new books, magazine review; architectural glossary; information about architects, art and architecture historians, about public and state institutions; list of architectural links.

Russian Artchive
Cultural Banners Exchange@・/b>04 / I / 2000 チレヘナンナホチ ミマトツマメヒチ ノフフタモヤメチテノハ萪ナラホナメユモモヒマハ ヨノラマミノモノ.03 / I / 2000 ハ モチハヤ ホヂチフ ニユホヒテノマホノメマラチヤリ.  ・DH・/b>ヤマ

Russian Colours Fine

Russian landscape
Russian landscape . Stepan Petrov. Painting. Pictures. Oil on canvas. ユモモヒノハ ミナハレチヨ. ヤナミチホ ナヤメマラ. ノラマミノモリ. 靠フモヤ, ヘチモフマ.

Russian Miniature by
Dmitry Emelyanov is a Russian craftsmanemploying a miniature plastic technique. Since 1992 he has been masteringminiature wood carving sticking to traditional methods, using no opticalor mechanical tools.

Russian Museum Education
Russian Museum Education Department

Russian Museum of
KOI-8     ALT     WIN     English

Russian Museum of Ethography

Russian Painting Collectors

Russian State Museum of Arctic and
 English|RussianYou are the visitor numbersince May 1999u="u910.17.spylog.com";d=document;nv=navigator;na=nv.appName;p=0;j="N"; d.cookie="b=b";c=0;bv=Math.round(parseFloat(n

Ryazan State

Rybinsk Historical,

Sahalin Oblast Regional Studies
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Saint-Petersburg Museum of Musical Instruments: a collection's catalogue、 scores、 drowings、 library、 fine photos、 etc.、etc.

ゥ Copyright 1998ヨヘネメ チ璧テモ

Samara Art Museum


Samarian Regional Historical Museum

Savelovskiy ancient computer museum

School Museums of

A page about work painter Sergey Zuev. ム瑙頽・・糶A褥粢 ム褞肄 ヌ裘.

Sergey Fedotov

Sergiev-Posad Museum and

Server about Andrey Sakharov
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Sheremey's Gallery
Sheremey's gallery exhibits oil paintings and photographs by russian authors. Classic pictorial photography、 modern psychological photos、 expressionist and impressionist oil paintings by contemporary authors from Russia are featured in the gallery.


Siberian Zoological Museumof theInstitute of Animal Systematics and Ecology、Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences(Novosibirsk、 Russia)for better connection tryRIGHTSITEin Novosibir

Siberian Association of

Siberian Museum of Technique

Small Graphics


Sosnovoborsky Contemporary Art

SOVArt Catalog - Russian Art


Soviet-Afghan War,


St.-Petersburg art
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Stained glass
Stained glass in St.-Petersburgヤメチホノテチ ホチ メユモモヒマヘ ムレルヒナ (KOI8)ム瑙頽・ ・・鍄・(Windows)The art of stained glass in Russia、 in comparison with the west-European countries、 has a short history - hardly one and a half centuries. The import of color glasses and whole windows existed yet in aver

Stamps and

Stanislav Dmitriev's

Andrey RublevState Tretiakov Gallery collection.State Tretiakov Gallery has got the largest in our country collectionof ingenious Russian painter Andrey Rublev's works. His legendary

THE MUSICAL PAINTING OF VICTOR BORISOV-MUSATOVBy I.M.GofmanAnd I'm sitting at home and givingconcerts to myself、 alone.There are all the colors in them instead of sounds、And


State Cultural Center of

State Historical Museum

State House-Museum of P.

State literaturiche

State Museum and Preserv "Peterhof"

State Museum of History of Exploration
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State Museum of the

State school of children arts
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State Tretyakov Gallery

Stavropol State Museum

Svyato-Kazanskaya Church

Syberia Nova Kultura center
Go tohttp://nova.kemsu.ru





The Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Sergiev Posad.View from the south-east. .Schema of Sergiev Posad (=Zagorsk)(GIF file、 105 K). Drawing of the Trinity-St.Sergius Monastery(GIF file、 137K). Photos taken inside the Monastery. History of the monastery.Andrey Rublev and his pai

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The "New
The New Gallery Art Foundation RUSSIAN . ___The New Gallery Art Foundation was established at April 18、 1989 in Moscow. Its logotype was officially recorded in the International Register in 1990.The New Gallery specializes on Soviet

The "New Gallery" Art Foundation
The New Gallery Art Foundationwas established at April 18、 1989 in Moscow. Its logotype was officially recorded in the Internationl Register in 1990.The New Gallery specializes on Soviet art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-1950-s. It functions as closed gallery、 art foundation、 collecting w

The Briansk
Roman The Old、the Prince of Bryansk.TREES LIVEONLY TWICEThe Bryansk Park - Museum of the wood sculptureof Alexey K. TolstoyPath 1 | Path2 | Path3 | Path4Near 1955 the hundred-years-old elms in the park in the center of

The Ekaterinburg historician!
The Ekaterinburg historician!衢チヤナメノホツユメヌモヒノハ フナヤマミノモナテ

The Famous Russian Composer
Russian version: material is not the sameTHE FAMOUS RUSSIAN COMPOSERN.RIMSKY-KORSAKOVAND HIS MUSEUM-RESERVELOUBENSK-VECHASHAN.Rimsky-Korsakov. 1898.The nameNikolayRimsky-Korsakov(1844-1908) is familiar to everybody whotakes an interest in Russian classical

The Feodor Tyutchev State Museum
The Feodor Tyutchev State Museum. Moscow、 Russia. Here you can get an information about this estate、 where few generations of famous Russian poets such as Tyutchev and Boratynskii was living. You can look for those picturesque places、 entered estate and find out the history of this museum.

The Impression Art Page
REDPATH MUSEUM859 Sherbrooke St. W.、 Montr饌l、 Qu饕ec H3A 2K6、 Canada.(514)398-4086 (514)398-3185

The Institute of the Russian

The Ivanovo State Society

The Metro that we

The Museum of

The Museum of History of

The Museum of the
1918 North Rosemead BoulevardSouth El Monte CaliforniaPhone 626 442-1776Fax 626 443-1776Visitor numbersince April 10th1997Last update october 25th 1998Intr

The Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre

The Nizhny Tagil Museum-reserve of mining

The Park and

The Restoration
- information source for all aspects conservation and restoration of exhibits at the State Russian Museum(St.Petersburg、 Russia)

The Ships of Russia

The Soviet Military Awards Page
The Soviet Military Awards Page has moved...Please click on the link below. Remember to Bookmark the new site!!http://soviet-awards.addr.coms= na ;c= na ;j= na ;f= +escape(document.referrer)s=screen.width;v=navigator.appNameif (v != Netscape ) {c=scr

The Stat

The State

The State

The State

The State Hermitage Museum
The State Hermitage Museum: Language Selection Page

The State Museum of the

The Timiryazev State

The virtual exhibition the diagrams of the
Art of Ural - painting、 graphics、 music、

The West Siberian museum

The Yaroslavl
Russian versionThe Yaroslavl RegionLandmarks of HistoryThe Yaroslavl RegionYaroslavlAudio fragments

Transsib Historical
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Travel to Ekaterinburg:

Tretiakov Gallery
The TretyakovGalleryVisit thethumbnailgallery. Or pick an artist.Pimenov|Serov|Surikov|Joganson|Petrov-VodkinRepin|Tropinin|Kiprensky|Briullov|Shishkin|Serov

About the Tretyakov Gallery.Pictures:Portrait of the Artist's Son (by Vasily Tropinin).Portrait of Alexander Pushkin (by Orest Kiprensky).The Rider (by Karl Briullov).The Corn (by Ivan Shishkin).A Girl with Peaches (by Valentin Serov).Address of Tretyakov Gallery's Website in Internet i

  in Tver State UniversityHistorical DepartmentArchaeological Stady RoomArchaeological Museum     Here We Are:  It'sour work: 

Tver Regional Art Gallery
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Underwater Garden gallery
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Unknown Socrealism (April

Unofficial Decembrism Museum

V. Provotorov

Veliky Novgorod State


Vernadsky State Geological Museum

Victor Kabanov Fotogallery

Victor Tihomirov Studio

Viktor Tsoy Museum
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Virtual Art Gallery OnArt
From Columbus Ohio : the art of Laura & Thomas. The OnArt Art Exchange.The Columbus City Web. Satire about spam、 worldsaway、 links、 artlinks、 webpage design、 free advertising、 free links、 free stuff、 internet shopping、 awards and more.

Virtual Catalog of Ikons

Virtual Computer Museum of Russia

Virtual exhibition

Virtual Gallery "Alexander"

Virtual Museum
Carpet and it's story.

Virtual Museum of

Virtual Museum of

Virtual Museum of Computer
Computer Graphics、 Animation and Visualization Technologies in Russia

Vladimir Zobachev Exhibition

Vladivostok Fortress
VladivostokFortressVladivostokFortress (Russian version) Vladivostok Fortress (a brief history)Fotrs of 1899Vladivostok Fortress

Welcome to Moscow :

X Legio. Ancient War Vechiles

Yaroslavl Art


Yelagin Palace
tour the palace|visiting the palace|other st. petersburg palaces|about this website


Zoological Museum of Far
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Zoologycal Museum of Zoologycal
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Zvenigorod Historical, Arhitectural
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